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1. All vendors may not sell bottled water. Food vendors may not sell any beverages unless registered to sell beverage only. Non-Food vendors may not sell Kites or Lanterns. Whence found, Marco Polo World Foundation will have the right to close down the vendor booth.

2. Non-Food Vendors are not allowed to sell kites and lantern. Kites and Lantern are being supplied and sold by the Festival sponsor.

3. Vendors who registered to sell beverages are the only vendors that are allowed to sell sodas, sport drinks, fruit juices, canned and bottled beverages or other "brand name/commercial" beverages. Selling alcoholic beverages are prohibited.

4. Vendor equipment must stay within their allotted space.

5. Vendors may not walk into common areas of the festival site to sell food, distribute menus, flyers, coupons, etc.

6. Vendors are prohibited from using any form of amplified sound in their booth space.


1. Food Service Vendor is required to obtain a temporary food service health permit from City of Irving. Form can be downloaded here Health Permit. The permit must be available upon request by the Health Inspector.

2. Food Service Vendor must adhere to the City of Irving Health Inspection Department temporary Event Food Guidelines

3. NOTES: Marco Polo World Foundation is not liable for violation to the City of Irving health regulations and guidelines. Vendor fees are not refundable in the event of such health regulations and guidelines violation.


1. Vendor must use extreme caution with open cooking flames, hot cooking oil, propane tank storage, gasoline storage for generators, and other combustible materials.

2. Please keep the vendor area safe and accessible to the festival visitors.


1. Vendor check-in time is 7:00 a.m. at the Vendor Check-in Booth.

2. Vendor drop-off of materials and equipments must be completed prior to the streets closing at 8:00 a.m.

3. No vehicle is allowed at the Festival area once the streets are closed for the festival.


1. Food vendors must be open and staffed for service the full duration of the Festival.

2. Festival date and hours are Sunday, May 20th ,2018, --- 8:30 a.m.-6:00 p.m.


1. Parking pass will be issued at vendor check-in and must be displayed on the vehicle windshield.

2. Each vendor is entitled to one (1) parking pass at the designated vendor parking area.

3. Vendor designated parking is at the Waterway Tower, 433 E. Las Colinas Blvd, Parking Lot 1, 2nd and 3rd Floor


1. booth with one 8 foot table and 2 chairs. You may bring your own or request for additional table and chairs for additional fee at no later than April 1st, 2018.

2. Food Service Vendor will be provided with standard 110V AC electrical outlets with capacity not to exceed 2.5 kW or 20 Amp.

3. NOTES: You must supply your own generator if you require special outlet sockets and / or require higher capacity to run your equipments. You must bring your own extension cord, if needed.


1. Vendor must bring your own water for washing, ice, coolers, and hand sanitation.

2. Vendor must bring your own trash receptacles and trash bags.


1. Vendor area must be kept clean at all times.

2. Vendor is responsible to dispose trash throughout the day of festival to the assigned trash collection dumpster.

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Food Vendors

Accept May 20th ,2018, DragonBoat Festival vendor application.

Food Cuisine

Items Sold

Accepting Applications

Laotian Food1


Laotian Food2


American Food1


American Food2


American Food3


American Drink


 American (Ice Cream)


 Turkish Food1


 Turkish Food2


Italian Food1


Italian Food2


Chinese Food1

Chinese Food


 Chinese Food2




 Japanese Food1


 Japanese Food2


 Thai Food1


 Thai Food2


 Vietnamese Food1


 Vietnamese Food2


 Korean Food1


 Korean Food2


 Mexican Food1


 Mexican Food2


 Indian Food1


 Indian Food2


 American (Dessert)


 Asian (Drink)

Bobaddiction,Boba Tea & Fruit Drinks


 Shaved Ice(Snowie)


 Elite BBQ Catering


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Important Note:

Please get approval from Festival planning committee for the items sold before making your online payment.

Total Price Includes 2.5% Transaction Fee and $50 Late fee
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