Marco Polo World Foundation Appreciation Awards

The Marco Polo World Foundation wishes to express the deepest appreciation and gratitude to all sponsors, cultural performers, volunteers and other institutions for your four or more years of enthusiastic support of, and participation in, the Annual DFW Dragon Boat, Kite & Lantern Festival. The Foundation commends your tireless efforts that greatly benefit the community as a whole. With your support, MPWF is able to continue their dedicated work towards their mission of promoting intercultural understanding by sharing and celebrating international culture with all people of the region and across America.

2017 Marco Polo World Foundation Appreciation Awards Category

Excellence Individual Award Recipient

Li Qiangmin, John M. Stich, Sang Soo Lee, Francisco de la Tore Galindo, Sara Wilshaw, Herbert A.Gears, Jet Li,Bill Swart, Jonathan Blum

10 Years Service

AT&T,City of Irving,Dallas County Utility and Reclamation District, Dart,Great Irving - Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce,Irving Fire Department,Irving Police Department, Lee's White Leopard Kung Fu School,Wuyi Shaolin Martial Arts Center,Irving Art Center,Gondola Adventures Inc,Irene Huang -Ling Productions?Pete Sessions,Owen Stewart,Chris E.Wallace,Kenn Madsen, Cape Carolyn LLC, Fidelity Corporate Real Estate Inc, Alesio Urban Center, Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada, Merna Parcon

9 Years Service

DFW ¨C Asian American Citizens Council,PepsiCo, Mahalika Dancers

8 Years Service

Angie Chen Button,TKO Sport Kite Team, Wind Dancers Kites, Keola¡¯s Hula Halau, Chao Phra Ya Thai Cultural Performing Arts, Grace hula dancers ¨CHawaiian

7 Years Service

Larry Jeffus ,Betty Bai ,Jinhong Liu, Dallas Asian American Bar Association (DAABA) ,US ¨C China Chamber of Commerce (USCCC) ,National Association of Asian American Professionals (NAAAP), Texas Chinese Physicians Association, Huawei Technologies , Ernst & Young LLP. ,CITI ,Cambodian Dancers¡¢ DFW Indonesia Association- Indonesian, Masti Academy/Shasta peshwani- indian

6 Years Service

Jim Minoru Makita ,Angela Lin Chen,Bank of America, Dallas Morning News

5 Years Service

Linda Harper Brown ,David Arbuckle, Hailong Jin,Gang Hu, Feng Zhang , Hua Huang, Chau Nguyen,Massimo Motor Sport LLC. ¡¢American Airlines

4 Years Service

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas,DFW Chinese Alliance,FOX 4,WFAA, Channel 8,Goldman Sachs,J.P.Morgan,PwC,Jacqueline Madden, Ying Liang,David Hanley,Jessica Pao,Alejandra Reyes,Jarvis Jacobs,Yanwen Zhu,Crystal Juiying Lin,Lee Nelson, Association of Chinese Professionals(ACP),Happy Feet Dance School Min Luo ,Dance School Jiaping Shi / Michael Bi,Edwin Jabillo, Edgar Battad,Chris Arnold,Sam Liu
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